Wire Forms

Depending on the application, your device or manufacturing tool may require wire straightening, controlled bending, stamping, or assembly with machined, fabricated, or molded components.

We have a complete range of wire processing capabilities. Typically, and depending on annualized volumes, we’ll start our Proven Process with manual or semi automated processes, tooling, and fixtures. And, when appropriate, we work with our customers to qualify and transition to low cost automated processing.

Wire Forming and Processing Solutions

  • Surgical instrument push & pull wires
  • Biopsy or locator wires
  • Forceps and actuating tools
  • Anchors and guide rods
  • iSpine Bone Filling Device (BFD) rods
  • Catheter forming tools
  • Manufacturing and assembly tools

Wire Features

  • Cut to Length
  • Forming & Stamping
  • Single, Multiple or Helical Forms
  • Ground, EDM or Machined Features

Tip Features

  • Radiused, Conical or Tapered
  • Trocar, Chamfer or Angle Grind
  • Flattened, Coined or Stamped
  • Machined or Threaded
  • Ball Welded


  • 2 Piece Assemblies
  • Laser Markings
  • Passivation
  • Grit/Bead Blsted