Mandrel & Assembly Tools

By leveraging our breadth of grinding and fabrication processes we can produce nearly limitless features and profiles for mandrels and assembly tools across vascular intervention and minimally invasive surgery markets.

We support our customer’s operations by providing them with the mandrels and tools to increase their manufacturing productivity and throughput. Because these are operator and process dependent, they can be extremely difficult to forecast. We not only create Inventory Replenishment programs but also manage the supply chain and services, including: PTFE coating, parylene coating, and many others.

Mandrel and Assembly Tools

  • Reflow Mandrels
    • Single or multiple diameters
    • Features and Profiles
  • Forming Mandrels
    • Single or multiple curves
    • Complex Profiles
  • Packaging Mandrels
    • Straight, formed, eyelet or looped
    • Surface effects and treatments
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Mandrels
    • Bonding (discrete sections, distal tip, balloons)
    • Stent loading
    • Crescent, grooved, articulating
  • Over and Insert molding corepins


  • Tapers: single & multiple
  • Steps: single & multiple
  • Bilvets (or weld features)

Grinding Services

  • Profile
  • Centerless
  • Plunge


  • Nitinol
  • Coated Materials
  • 300, 400 & 17 Series SST
  • Custom Alloys


  • Passivation
  • Markings