Hypotube & Cannula

Fabricated hypotube and cannula (small diameter tubing) is utilized for many different applications across the medical device industry. We have an extensive selection of manufacturing capabilities to fabricate the tubing and/ or create the needed feature for your products to function as designed.

Hypotube & Cannula

  • Access & delivery needles
  • Biopsy needles
  • Crimp tubing
  • Device cannula
    • Endoscopy tubing
    • Laparoscopy tubing
    • Urology tubing
    • iSpine BFD tubing

Tube Services

  • Cut to Length EDM or ECG
  • Radiused/Deburred Ends
  • Tumble/Polished Surface

Tube Features

  • Bending, Forming or Coiling
  • Flared or Swaged Ends
  • Slots, Grooves or Holes
  • Bumped/Bulged OD Section
  • OD Grinding (or reduction)


  • Bead/Grit Blast
  • Passivation (citric)
  • Laser Marking