Many devices and procedures rely on the unique mechanical properties of coils. The coil properties are designed into the device dependent on its function. They can provide conductivity, kink resistance, flexibility, torque, and radiopacity. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of coil winding techniques and services to accommodate coils from neurological embolization coils to endovascular catheter reinforcement coils.

Coiling Solutions

  • Catheter reinforcement coils
  • Guidewire coils
  • Radiopaque (marker) coils
  • Embolization coils
  • Delivery/ Torque coils
  • Conductor/ Shocking coils

Winding Services

  • Traditional (over mandrel)
  • Point (no mandrel)
  • Round Wire
  • Ribbon Wire
  • Coated Wire

Winding Features

  • Single or Multi Flares (wires)
  • Closed or Open Pitch (gap)
  • Varying Diameters
  • Step or Taper Features
  • End Trim (or grind) Option


  • Coil & PTFE Liner Assy
  • Helix (or point) Grinds
  • OD Grinding
  • Assemblies