Caribou Innovation Center (CIC)

We are committed to advance customer’s technology through engineered solutions designed for innovation and manufacturability. We love helping engineers solve problems. And we’re excited and inspired by the end result of the medical device assemblies and components we produce.

Development Partner

We encourage our customers to work with us, in our Innovation Center, developing the product features, functionality, and ensuring Design for Reliability and Manufacturability (DRM).  The results are faster speed to market with less continuing engineering resources post product launch.


Investing engineering time and resources to Design for Reliability and Manufacturability in the early phases of the product development cycle have exponential impact to final product costs. Early implementation of the right materials and manufacturing process avoids unexpected change notifications that impact product cost, valuable resources, and delays to timelines & product launch.

Resources & Equipment

The Caribou Innovation Center is equipped with dedicated personnel and state-of-the-art resources. We’ve intentionally provided the CIC with identical equipment to the manufacturing area. Although focused on the first and second phase of our Proven Process this ensures a seamless transition to operations and sustained manufacturing.

Innovation Center